Can I treat a myoma by radiofrequency if I am in search of pregnancy?

One of the most interesting cases when radiofrequency is applied is in those myomas diagnosed early, in young women, who have not yet considered pregnancy. In these cases, especially if the myoma is growing, the ablation of the myoma by radiofrequency is indicated to prevent the myoma from giving problems later. The highest percentage of reduction of the volume of myomas is myomas between 3 and 4 cm.

In women in whom the myoma is diagnosed early, with a small size, before motherhood, radiofrequency will prevent it from causing fertility problems or other symptoms.

In cases in which a fibroid is already causing problems for embryo implantation (cases of repeated miscarriages, previous in vitro fertilization failures, etc.), radiofrequency is also usually indicated in preference to surgery. The application of radiofrequency reduces the volume of the myoma without the need to open the uterus to remove the myoma and, therefore, without leaving a scar. This fact does not interfere with the subsequent fertility, so the woman can search a pregnancy earlier than when surgery is performed and it decreases the likelihood of a later caesarean section.

Until very recently, no study on fertility had been published after the application of radiofrequency in uterine myomas. A review study conducted by an American group in this year of 2017 has shown that pregnancies that have occurred in women who had previously performed radiofrequency have all been normal.

This data is consistent with the data thrown by our experience, which is the highest accumulated so far. These results will be published by Dr. Rey soon in the Journal Minimal Invasive Gynaecology, Of all our patients, 50% of them were in search of pregnancy, and of them, more than 50% have already had normal pregnancies later.

Can I treat a myoma by radiofrequency if I am in search of pregnancy?
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