CAREMUJER has a Unit Specialized in Myomas. The professionals of our Unit, led by Dr. Rey, are those with the most experience in laparoscopic surgery, and those who are at the forefront in the study and development of non-surgical techniques.

It is the clinic with the most experience and knowledge of radiofrequency technique.

The radiofrequency myoma ablation technique is not easy to be performed by any gynecologist. It requires a great amount of capacity and skill in surgery and ultrasound management, a lot of training and even more important, a lot of experience.

It is not only necessary to know how to perform the technique correctly to avoid complications as far as possible, but it also requires having knowledge, derived from experience, of those myomas which should not or cannot be done with this technique.

Dr. Rey is a pioneer in this technique. She has studied the bases of the procedure with the most experienced radiologists of the country in the radiofrequency technique applied to liver cancer and thyroid tumours. After an extensive study of the technique and the thorough development of the same in animals, the technique was successfully developed 3 years ago. Since then, Dr. Rey applies this technique to women throughout all the Spanish territory and abroad.

Dr. Rey is the international trainer of this technique. Every year, she receives more than 100 specialists from all over the world to learn this technique, which is minimally invasive for the woman’s uterus and which is presented today as the only alternative for certain myomas inaccessible to surgery.